Bonsoir mes chatons! Yes I am finally back with a number of posts now that exams are all over and I have some time to just chill and start enjoying living my life once again. I hope that you are all doing great and keeping yourselves hydrated and topping up that sunscreen which we will all be needing a lot of in this heatwave!

As you have probably realised from the title of this post, I will be explaining why Thursdays are the best for going out on Brussels and some of my favourite spots too. So it let’s jump straight to it!

So… Why are Thursday’s the best day of the week?

Now, many of us would consider Friday (evening) as the start of the weekend. I mean, it makes sense: it’s the last day of the working week, some people tend to have dress-down Fridays at their workplaces, some even have the privilege of finishing their shift early!However, here in Brussels things here are a little different. I mean don’t get me wrong, people still work on a Friday, but going out on a Thursday has become a very important ritual here in the social lives of the Bruxellois. Think of it as a “welcoming party” for the arrival of Friday: not sure when this whole phenomenon started but I’m not complaining since it has resulted in loads of activities taking place in the city every Thursday night. Whatever the weather, Thursday to be the winner of the week in Brussels because of these Afterworks events, some of which I will discuss more about starting with…

Place du Luxembourg 


Now if we are going to discuss why Thursdays are the best then it makes perfect sense for us to begin with the events that take place every week at Place du Luxembourg or “Place Lux”/”Plux” as many people refer to. Whether it’s winter or summer,  you are bound to find Plux booming with music and filled with students, colleagues and Eurocrats laughing and enjoying each others company. I mean this is the number one spot for networking with various people who work within and around the EU since the square is right in front of the European Parliament (that’s if you are interested in doing so of course). There are several bars and cafés located at the Square including Fat Boys, The Grapevine and Ralph’s bar that of course have Happy Hours’ so make sure to go!



Next on our list we have  Place Flagey in Ixelles, another very popular spot in Brussels that never sleeps, like never. For all you architect lovers out there you will not miss the Flagey Arts Centre and its iconic Art Deco feature. This centre prides itself of being the host of a range of cinematic and musical events here in Brussels, and so there are literally events every day and not just Thursdays so if you’re into that sort of stuff then it’s worth a visit. But if you want to hang out with some friends then make sure to visit Café Belga which is a popular spots for the locals and of course students. I don’t think there has ever been a time where I’ve seen this spot empty: it is forever filled with with students and workers letting their hair down, and if you’re up for a little boogie, I must say the music is pretty good. Bar du Marché is another hotspot in Flagey which on a Thursday is open till 3AM. Like Belga, this spot permits the entry of “good vibes only” with a stylish interior and comfy chairs plus the cocktails?! Finally, a perfect way to end your night out in Flagey (and sober up of course) is to make your way to Frit Flagey: the ultimate winner of Belgian frites if you ask me. So if you want to try some of the best Belgian frites while in Brussels, make sure you take a trip to this food shack, which is literally located on the square (thank me later).


Up next we have yet another hotspot in Brussels filled with loads of bars and restaurants: la CIMDIX which is short for Cimetière d’Ixelles. This is one of my main go-to spots with my friends since it’s literally a five minute walk from my uni, or when we’re feeling a little lazy we just jump on the 71 bus to Delta and it’s only a stop away! CIMDIX is at the heart of the student neighbourhood in Brussels so it’s always buzzing with students in its various bars and restaurants, so I’m going tell you guys some of my favourites. So, if you’re just up for drinks then check out:

  • Bar d’Ixelles, which has Happy Hours for cocktails between 7PM and 10PM and a really pretty terrace, and
  •  La Tarvenier and Waff Café are also two very popular places with really cosy indoor and outdoor seating areas (and outdoor heating for those cold winter nights, which we all love and appreciate).

But for those of who are forever hungry (like moi, join the club), there’s always:

  • El Café which has a variety of foods on their menu: from salads to tapas, I recommend trying their “frites fraîche de maison” or their “frites de patates douches” which are only 3€/4€; if you’re not that hungry just order some nachos alongside your drinks (Happy Hour starts at 7PM)
  • Korner: calling for all my burger-lovers, I totally recommend trying out their pork burger, which from me is a pretty big deal since I’m not much of a fan of pork. But if it’s not cheat day for you or you don’t feel like pigging out then not to worry: you can always opt for a salad, a spagbol as a main meal, or mozzarella sticks, fish sticks  or (again) frites from  their “Kornet” section (these are basically the lighter food options which you can order singularly or in a “kombo” ex. a ” kombo” of two “kornets” for 12€)

(As you can tell from these photos, I am very much a big fan of G&T’s. I mean who isn’t?)


Now if you are someone who enjoys going out to the club and dancing alongside your friends, then here are some clubs you can visit while in Brussels:

  • Jeux d’Hiver: a.k.a. the “Bourgeois Den”.  This is an exclusive and selective club located in Bois de la Cambre (part of the Sonian Forest in Brussels) which has a dress-code of looking posh and professional. I’ve been to the Jeux a few times and one thing I love about it is the aesthetics of the club/restaurant: with colourful spotlights and the gorgeous terrace area, it gives the place a magical vibe to it considering it is located in the forest. Personally, I’m not too much of a fun of the music as it’s way too commercialised for me, but if you’re into that sort of music then it is the place for you. Oh and just to add, drinks are expensive so if you’re planning on doing rounds of shots make sure that you 1. Have enough mula in your account and 2. Don’t go crazy with rounds because it will really hurt your bank balance. For example one shot of tequila is 5€. FIVE. Personally I only drink at the pre’s and buy nothing at the Jeux.
  • Spirito Martini: Have you ever partied in an Old Anglican church located in the centre of a city? Well, if you’re up for it then go to Spirito located in Porte de Namur. This is another fancy place with stunning interior, with beautiful decorations and a gorgeous chandelier as its centrepiece. Additionally the dance floor is huge and practically filled every Thursday without a fail. Like Jeux, the dress code for Spirito is posh and professional therefore, if you don’t follow the dress code you’re not getting in. Drinks are also expensive here so again, either come prepared with the mula and spend it/drink responsibly, or just drink at the pre’s so that way you won’t have to buy any drinks at the club.

Et voilà! That is it for this post and I hope you’ve taken some notes from this if you are in Brussels or are planning to take a trip. Hopefully I’ve made your lives a little easier when planning your mini-trip here! There is one more thing I would like to stress to my fellow Brits and that is unfortunately in most of these bars and clubs I have mentioned you have to pay to use the toilet. I know, crazy right? So make sure you have that extra euro or two with you if you wish to do so.

Once again make sure to enjoy this weather while it lasts: stay hydrated kids and stay safe from those sun-rays too, like I’m talking SPF50 safe. Bonne jeudi soir mes amours!

Hugs and Kisses,

Elda xx

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