Meet the Founder

This was only ever supposed to be a ‘life studying abroad’ blog!

My blogging journey started back in 2018 when I began studying abroad in the Belgian capital of Brussels, and over time what started out as a place for me to document my experiences living, studying and working abroad… it ended up being about a little bit of everything: lifestyle, language learning, marketing… The list goes on!

Ultimately, this blog is a representation of my mind and everything that interests me, and I hope you find that you can relate to some of the thoughts and interests I’m passionate about.

This category has a little place in my heart, as it’s the first-ever category of my blog! ‘La vie bruxelloise’ (‘Life in Brussels’) – the city where my blog was born! 

As a marketing babe, my little space on the internet wouldn’t make any sense if I didn’t have a category dedicated to sharing my experience and expertise in the field!

I like to think of this category as my ‘life dump’! This is where I talk about everything including the things I get up to, my personal development and my favourite (+least favourite) things about life!

A former Politics and IR student, I don’t hide myself when it comes to sharing my thoughts on topics that affect us as a society.

I am a proud polyglot who is OBSESSED with learning new languages! It’s an interest I’ve had for as long as I can remember and this is my space where I explore the wonderful world of languages!

As of 2023, I’m in the process of showing up as the woman I want to be in this big, ever-changing world that is has proven to be scary and unpredictable, yet beautiful and exciting. I want this blog to offer my readers a little insight of my life and interests with the hope that my posts offer you practical advice and actionable steps to implement into you life, provide valuable insights and knowledge about societal topics that empower you to make informed decisions, and to ultimately to get you to say fuck it, I’m gonna live my best life and go for it, whatever it is: a new job opportunity, a new activity or skill, a new location, ANYTHING! Time is not refundable, and I’m here to remind you to use it intentionally.