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l i f e s t y l e

Welcome to my ever-growing lifestyle page where I talk about everything including the things I get up to, my personal development and my favourite (+least favourite) things about life!

let’s talk about redundancy
Three important lessons and reminders to take from the tumultuous experience of redundancy.
5 of my 2022 goals
New Year = New Goals, right? Here are five of the many goals I have set myself for 2022. Finger's crossed I manage to cross them off by 31st December! 🀞🏾
My Christmas traditions
It's happiest time of the year: CHRISTMAS! I'm sure many of us have lots of traditions that makes our Christmas that extra bit special, right? Well, here are five of mine and my family's! πŸŽ„
Practicing love languages on yourself
With Valentine's Day around the corner, I think it's time to remind ourselves that self-love is key in helping you accept yourself for you who are. Here's how to practice self-love on yourself using one of the five special lone languages!